How To Become An Associate?


Why Taxring?

The Taxring provides complete Business solution. We believe in enhancing the customer satisfaction by providing best quality work at average cost rate.  

About Company

Indian Supersewa Services Pvt. Ltd. is a company which is registered under “Companies Act, 1956”. We are based at New Delhi- the capital of India. We are providing services all over India with a clear focus on providing Enterprise Support Services to its clients. Taxring offers online preparation and filing of individual Income Tax Returns (ITR), online filing of Service tax return, TDS Return, Maintaining of Books of Accounts, PAN Card Services, Digital Signature certificate(DSC), Facility Management, Back Office, Employee Engagement programs , Reward and Retention programs , Mail Room management, Tax and Accounting Support , Procurement Solutions & legally advisory service.  


Our Vision is to facilitate our customers by providing concierge services in different areas. We enhancing the quality of life of our customers by providing better work-life balance and enhance the productivity of Professionals and Corporates.  


Our Mission is to become No. 1 service provider in India consistently and continuously by reaching 5 Lakh customers by the Year 2020.  

Why Join as an Associate?

Taxring are offering to those person who want to join with us as an Associate for extra earning as fixed perncetage.  

Benefits after Joining

Associate will avail following benefit after joining Taxring
  • Knowlodge of Taxation shall be provide after becoming associate.
  • Associate will get 30% sharing out of revenue generated from Market
  • Marketing Material shall be provide by the Taxring to our Associate
  • Registered Associate can e-file his Income Tax Return Free of cost.
  • Associate can get Remuneration in every 15 day/Monthly after raceiveing from Client.


Taxring will charge Rs.1000/- Per Associate as a Security Money  

Renewal Charges

Taxring will charges Rs.500/- Annually renewal fee every Year except First year for countinue working in Taxring.  

Surrender of Associate ID.

If any Associate want Voluntry Leave from Taxring then he will receive Only Rs.500/- from Security Amount which is already deposit in Indinsupersewa.No interest shall be give on Security amount.  

Rejoing After Surrender of Associate ID

If any Associate want to Re-join after surrender Associate ID then Taxring will Charges only Rs.500/-per Associate  

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